Sunday, May 20, 2012

Visual Studio Build Output on first build in a newly opened instance

In both VS 2010 SP2 and VS 11 Beta, the first time you build a solution in a newly opened instance of Visual Studio, it will focus on the Output window, but fail to switch the output channel to Output like it usually does (i.e. “Show output from” drop  down list).

This has always bugged me, and has effected me often since usually the last action I would have performed since the last time I used Visual Studio would be the run all my automated tests, so the Output window channel is persisted to Test in newly opened instances.

The solution is simply to toggle the “Show output from” option manually while the build is executing. Sounds too obvious to be worth mention, but the fact is, I never even noticed that drop down list because I am so used to it setting itself automatically in most cases.

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