Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm Only Resting 1.1.0 Released

I'm Only Resting (IOR) has been released! This is pretty significant in that it now uses Scintilla for rich text editing and syntax highlighting (and etc.). See the release notes for more.

Note that this release includes an unfortunate though fairly minor regression introduced by Scintilla's aggressive TextChanged event setting newly open files as dirty. See Issue 33.

One of the neat things about IOR, is how many open source libraries it incorporates. Looking at the license NOTICE, I count six so far!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Extending Scintilla with modifiable ContextMenu

Recently I've been working on using ScintillaNET in I'm Only Resting, namely as the text editor for the Response Body content. An early issue I ran into was that the Scintilla control does not allow access to or modification of the built-in context menu. However I was able to easily extend the Scintilla control with a hand-built ContextMenu that is exactly the same as the one built-in except it can be accessed and modified like any normal .NET control.

The code is as follows: